Vacuum Comparison Reviews for Pet Owners

Having pets is great.  Cleaning up after pets–not so much.  How much hair can one little furball shed anyway?  Sometimes, it seems that there’s so much hair on the couch, the bed, the floors, and everywhere else that it’s hard to believe our pets can still be their regular furry selves without bare spots to explain all the shedding.  While regular (as in daily) brushing can help a great deal, having a good vacuum cleaner is another way to manage all that hair.


Before choosing a vacuum, it’s important to understand that air flow, and not necessarily motor or suction power, is the most important indicator of a vacuum cleaner’s performance.  A strong motor does provide strong suction, but if the airflow system is leaky or otherwise inefficient, that suction won’t last long.  A vacuum cleaner’s motor powers a fan that creates the vacuum that pulls in air and surrounding particles.  This dirt-filled air is passed through a filter, with the particles being trapped by the filter and directed to the bag or canister.  The cleaned air is then sent out through the machine’s exhaust port.  Strong air flow is what makes this process most efficient.  Since air flow is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute), look for a model with a high CFM rating.  This not only assures you of better pick-up power, but also makes it more likely that more of the debris being vacuumed will stay well contained and not be sent right back into your clean room.

If you have bare floors, visit for reviews, including pros and cons, of some top lightweight machines designed for bare floors.  Models designed for bare floors differ from carpet-cleaning models in the way that the cleaning head is designed.  Carpets require a good roller brush that essentially “beats” the carpet in order to stir up particles below the surface.  While this is great, even necessary, for getting carpets as clean as possible, it doesn’t work so well for bare floors.  Bare floors need a vacuum cleaner head that sits even closer to the surface and relies on good airflow and suction to pick up dirt, pet hair, and other debris.  If you have delicate hardwood floors or other floors that might be easily damaged, be sure to check the floor manufacturer’s recommendations on safe cleaning.  Many vacuum cleaners designed for hardwood have various strips along the cleaning head to offer added protection.


Before you start thinking that you can only find quality vacuum cleaners if you’re prepared to spend big bucks, read this for reviews of some reliable models that are budget friendly at $100 or less.  Many of the high-dollar models do perform well, but there are plenty of less expensive models that will work exceedingly well, too, including models that are great for pet owners.


While HEPA filters have become the standard today, you don’t necessarily need to spend extra money on a HEPA filter to handle pet dander and hair effectively.  HEPA filters must be able to effectively remove 99.97% of particles that measure at least 0.3 micrometers in diameter (roughly 300 times smaller than a human hair).  Since pet hair and dander are larger than 0.3 micrometers, a HEPA filter isn’t necessary for their effective removal.  HEPA filters are definitely most effective at removing bacteria and other pathogens from surfaces and the air that’s drawn into the machine.

When looking for your perfect model, don’t forget to consider included attachments for stairs, furniture, baseboards, blinds, light fixtures, and any other surfaces where pet hair and dust collect.  You also want a machine that will allow you to reach under furniture, either because of the cleaner’s low profile or by the use of appropriate attachments.


Whether you’re looking for an upright, canister, or combination of both, you should have no trouble finding a great vacuum cleaner to help manage your pet hair problem.  In fact, having a great vacuum cleaner can remove enough pet hair that you might find yourself needing to vacuum a little less often.


Check out best vacuum cleaner models for reviews of several lightweight models designed for multiple flooring types.

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